March 3, 2011

What a type...

Whatever we do think and feel will eventually manifest in our daily lives and become a significant part of our existence.
In case that we are fortunate and we hold beliefs of security, love, abundance, joy, spontaneity, freedom and of expression, we will manifest more related experiences that agree with what we have in our basket of ideas. As more we will experience, the stronger the beliefs will become and the deeper we will be in this cycle, believing, manifesting, and strengthening the beliefs system.

Life will be a bunch of security, love, abundance, joy, spontaneity, freedom and of expression events for us.

In this case life will “show” us opportunities where we can freely express ourselves by having the dream job that we always wanted, instead of going to a job that we hate, for we believe that we “have too” and “there is nothing else out there for me”.
Life would be filled with joy and abundance and we will “end up” in a place where we succeed and money and love will flow easily toward us, for we do attract them by our beliefs that we nourish in our minds, instead of struggling day after day, exploding from rage when the bills are filling our mail box, and thinking that our perfect match will never show up at our door step.

We do “see” & “encounter” what we expect to see, there is no other rule in this existence.

It is hard to admit that we do attract and create all the unpleasant things that we have encountered in our lives. It is much easier for some, to relate the credit for the joyful moments and to acknowledge that we are “the cause” for that joyful moment.

I do believe that people who cannot take credit for the successes in their lives, will find it very difficult to take responsibility for the unsuccessful events.
When you do not like to acknowledge that you are the cause for all your life experiences, most of the time it goes both ways. It will become your natural instinct to grant the responsibility outward and say “it is in the hands of.....”, some might say God/Life/The world etc.

 There are for types of characters.
  • A.   Believes that all things both the good and the unpleasant, are in the hands of an outer source.
  • B.   Believes that the good things were caused by him/her and the bad are not in his/her control.
  • C.   Believes that the good things are a matter of luck/outer source and were of course not caused by him/her, and the bad things surly were caused by him/her.
  • D.   Believes that both good and the unpleasant experiences are in his/her hands and were created by him/her only.

You might be related to one of the types that I have mentioned above.

Type A will be ignorant to the fact that life is in his/her hands, and will never be able to manifest deliberately an event in his life that he would be proud of. He/she will never be able to completely and truly enjoy the happy moments in life, for it was all “the work of an outer source” and “I am so fortunate to be given that moment of joy”. They will live their lives behind a blind and won’t be able to express themselves freely. For “life is not what we are, it is what there is” they would believe.

Type B will mostly truly be able to enjoy the happy moments and when rough events will appear, he/she will be filled with anger and will lose  a big chunk of their creative energy. They will be dragged down excessively by the feelings of anger and hatred toward life/the outer world, and sometime they will blame God even though some of them will admit that they do not believe in it.
They will find something to direct their anger toward, and by doing so they will increase the unfortunate events in their lives for the reason of reacting so strongly toward “evil” forces.

Type C  will never enjoy the blessed moments in life truly, and will feel that he/she owes all the time something to the other source that granted them some happy moments and events. The feeling of “owing something all the time”, will prevent them from accepting abundance/love/prosperity and many other of the endless gifts that life is here to offer.
This type will be filled with guilt when encountering unpleasant situations, and will deepen the inner hatred toward himself. He/she will emphasize the fact that they are the only cause for the “lack of luck”, ”lack of happiness” and they are here to destroy life, and the world could be a happier place without them breathing here together with the rest of planet Earth inhabitants.

Type D will enjoy all his/her happy moments, will take the unpleasant event easily and will learn from them a lot. They will be floating and gliding and cruising along their lives, showing the others that life in here for us to enjoy and to be lived. They will use spontaneity on daily basis; life will surprises them and will be a big amazing unforgettable joyride. They will find their natural ways to express their uniqueness and will fell one with the rest of world. They will truly manifest the meaning of this creation. Success/abundance/beauty/love/joy/bliss and more from this groups will become significant part of their days and moments and the energy that surrounds them along the journey.

You do have the choice to become any of those 4 types and experience life accordingly. You would be better off with type D (just my opinion), but it is your life, your choices, your unique experience and no one can tell you what you should be. Just remember that whatever you are now, it is by choice even though it doesn’t seems like it. Jumping into another type and living a new life is a possibility that you always have and it is right around the corner. Not far at all.

What a type J


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February 24, 2011

Two cycles

There are many cycles but I will introduce you to the perhaps two most important ones.

The First cycle:

Misleading ideas of need for safety
Such as: “The world is dangerous”, “People are crazy and unpredictable”, “The nature of this world is bad” and so forth. (Probably you have received those from people with very low self esteem).

Tendency to act upon your ideas
For example: pay endless amount of money for insurance policies, lock your bicycle with many sophisticated locks, stop talking to people that currently you do not know their name, god forbid if they do not have the same skin colour or cloths type that would be considered “safe to open a small chat with”. And so forth.

Experiencing your ideas of the so-called “unsafe world”.
For example: Coming back after 5 min and find out that no matter how sophisticated and expansive your bicycle locks were, there are gone, as well your poor bicycle. Your house was robbed and the insurance company will find some hidden rules stating that you did not have the pre agreed precautions and thus no cover for the unpleasant incident.

Embracing and empowering your ideas base upon your life experiences.
When something happens and it is related to your beliefs, those beliefs would like to share their validity with the rest of the world, and spread out to other domains. They will signal you pulse of “I am the truth and you have to share it with the rest f the world far and wide”. You will tell some of your friends and family members that what you believe about the unsafe world it is “true”, for your new bicycle with the fancy locks got stolen at the middle of the day. And you will of course have no doubt that having the locks was necessary. It would be so easy to share this type of information.
The events and the pre possessed beliefs are supporting each other as long as they are allowed to do so.

The Second cycle:

Ideas of safety
Such as: “I live in a safe Universe”, “People are nice and mean me well”, “The nature of this world is good” and so forth. (Probably you have received those from people with very high self esteem).

Tendency to act upon your ideas
For example: never pay endless or small amount of money for insurance policies. Never lock your bicycle with many sophisticated locks. Always talk to people that currently you don’t know their names, no matter their skin colour or cloths type.

Experiencing your ideas of “Safe world”.
For example: Coming back after 5 days and find out that no matter how reckless people think you are for never locking your bicycle, they are still there shiny and ready to be ridden. Your house was never robbed and the insurance company doesn’t know you name nor send you ridiculously bills and more “must to have” new additions to your current policy, for they would like to make sure that you are “safe” by having paying endlessly bills to people you have never met. They are by the way your true robbers that you let in your house, but with wonderful well camouflaged outfit.

Embracing and empowering your ideas base upon your life experiences.
When something happens and it is related to your beliefs, those beliefs would like to share their validity with the rest of the world, and spread out to other domains. They will signal you pulse of “I am the truth and you have to share it with the rest f the world far and wide”. You will tell some of your friends and family members that what you believe about the safe world it is “true”, for your new and “never to be locked” bicycle, can be safely waiting for you to come and pick them up after so many days of chatting with the others bicycles at the train station bicycles parking area.
It would be so easy to share this type of information.
The events and the pre existing beliefs are supporting each other as long as they are allowed to do so.

So you have a choice in life to be part of the first cycle and living your life experiencing it according to the beliefs, the events and the supporting explanations, or to be part of the second cycle, adopting beliefs that will show you the life that you truly would like to see, feel and experience, a life of joy happiness, trust, safety, laughter and bliss.

It is up to you to decide and it is possible to do so, it is all matter of choice. The choice of never holding anymore beliefs that doesn’t serves you well, beliefs that take you down the road and show you what you were afraid of to begin with. Instead you can decide right here and now to shift your focus by adopting life supporting beliefs, and begin to slow down your participation in the first cycle and make a clear shift to the second cycle.

You will be amazed when life will change from one end to the other and how fun it would be to spread the good news about the lovely world that is here for us to acknowledge.

By joining as a permanent member of the second cycle club, you will empower all life on this planet, your private life and you will make sure that the naext generation will have no doubt while stating the following sentence “I live in a safe Universe”.

Make your own choices and live your own life, not the life based upon the beliefs, past experiences and thoughts of the others. Your life is your own unique private journey and you can shape it and experience it as you feel that suits you best, no matter what have happened in past events, no matter what other people think, you can choose what cycle you would like to have within you from now on.

Here some affirmations from my book “Affirmations for Life” that will lead you to the next cycle.

  • I am powerful in this moment
  • Now is my point of power
  • I love life, myself & everything that exist
  • Life is a joyful playground
  • Life is easy and beautiful
  • Life is grace and love
  • I feel free, safe & everything in life is easy and pure
  • My life is a wonderful experience, which I enjoy deeply
  • The people around me wish me well
  • I have infinite amount of energy
  • I am blessed because I am alive
  • I grant myself my own freedom and fun
  • I am free and do not have to rationalize my existence
  • There is no evil only good
  • My beliefs are only beliefs, they are not my reality
  • I am safe wherever I am
  • My life is a collection of wonderful and important experiences
  • Self-confidence is good and I have lots of it
  • The world means me well
  • I enjoy myself
  • It is possible for me to enjoy life, and I will
  • It is easy for me to have a playful life and I shall
  • My life is improving everyday
  • Life is only good
  • My life is good and I love every moment of it
  • I can change any situation for the better
  • My life is rewarding and filled with discovery
  • It is safe for me to express myself
  • I live in a safe Universe

Read as often as possible


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February 22, 2011

The town square fountain

You have your own vision. You are the person right now that can rely upon your truth, your unique information that comes from within your inner source. The truth is in your living been and in every one of your breaths.  
You are the fountain that sprinkles water to the outer world. The water that you are sprinkle out of your fountains holes are your ideas, beliefs, truths, thoughts, emotions and essence. What you send our side to the world is your own unique expression and it is what you are and it is good.

Be proud to be in the middle of a very busy town square and be the middle fountain, be yourself as you are, those who like what you represent will come closer and enjoy the beauty of the water that you send out to the air. They will be fond of what you are and what you are representing for them.
The entire town square is filled with people that walk and enjoy the scenery of the city. You are not to be offended by those who do not approach you and have a quick glimpse at your water. They might be shy, or they will prefer to do something else at that moment.

As long as you keep the water running and not block the stream, more people will enjoy the beauty of your inner source. Some might stay away, keeping some distance, but surly enjoy the lovely sprinkling water of your fountain.

Be as you are at the moment, let the rest of this creation to be as they are as well, do not decide that something is better than the other, for all there is has its meaning and validity in the complex of that endless energy motion.
Most importantly, do not evaluate yourself and the way you are at this moment, for there is surly a reason for you to be as you are at this specific moment. You were different yesterday, and you will become something else tomorrow. Just allow your dynamic self to flow along yourself and manifest itself in its own uniqueness, without get some much criticism along the way.

As less comments regarding how “things should be”, the more creativity and feelings of spontaneity and freedom follow. The less judgment upon the others, the more time and energy you will have for enjoying yourself, and allowing yourself to be what you are at this moment, perfectly expressed.

Be the fountain, freely sending its water up in the air, proudly with no hesitations, allowing itself to be what it is at this moment and allowing the others to enjoy the beauty and its uniqueness.

The change is inevitable; you may direct the way for the change by allowing your feelings to be revealed freely. Once you try to hide your true feelings you are blocking some part of the flow of yourself and thus creating unnecessary pressure in other places. You will find that as soon as you speak and act your truth outward with no barriers, you will become naturally in sync with the creation and yourself. The path will be visible and acceptable. You will suddenly become more obvious to yourself, and your true nature will be understood by you.

Understanding yourself is a very important part in the process of becoming. Allowing yourself to be who you are would get you closer to the realization, and to this understanding.
Once you understand yourself, you will enjoy what you are, what you represent, all your actions and thoughts, and you will be able to fully know that you are good and important part of this existence. 
Questions such as “Why am I here?” or “What is the purpose with my life?” will no longer bother you. The answers will be living inside your veins, your bones and your organs, and they will all send those vibes of understanding, allowing and acceptance of becoming to the rest of the world.

Be the fountain, let your water sprinkle outside trough all the holes and be proud of what you are here and now. Being proud of yourself would teach you to accept the process so far, and trust it.
Trusting yourself will create a solid and strong base for you to become co-creator, the one who can navigate its life with consciousness and deliberately choose the path and enjoy it.

Enjoy yourself, love yourself and accept what you are, for what you are is nothing but good, no matter what the others think they know.

“You are the fountain that sprinkles water to the outer world”.


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February 21, 2011

Who is in my cockpit?

“The little things in my head are driving me crazy”, you may say and it is not so far from the truth. The question in hand should be “can I decide who would drive me and toward what direction?”.

We are being navigated by small pilots that sit inside a very comfortable cockpit in our head. They do sit all around the body but it is easier to place them up over our eyes in this analogy.
We do have many thoughts and beliefs about life, ourselves, our body, our relationship to the world, wealth, health, love, fun, excitement, beauty, freedom, success, relationship and plenty more.

Each subject has a valid basket of ideas, where all the ideas related to this subject resides. For example in the basket of love some beliefs and thoughts such as “Love is good”, “Love is easy”, “Love is the ultimate thing”, “True Love don’t exist”, “True Love is rear”, “True Love is just around the corner”, “Love is overrated”, “Love is all around us”, may reside.
As you may see, some of the above mentioned ideas related Love conflicted with the others and represent opposing ideas regarding Love. We might carry some kind of baskets of ideas in our heads and there will be contradictions between the so-called “residences”. But the basket residences (beliefs) will create some kind of “navigation plan” and will navigate our lives in such a way that we will see, feel, touch, smell and hear life pictures and events that agree with the ideas that we have in our specific basket.

In case that we have contradictions and conflicts, the navigation will vary and some days we will find ourselves experiencing Love in a way that agree with the belief “Love is all around us” and the day will unfold according to this belief. We will see, feel, touch, smell and hear the outer world according to this belief and Love will be actually all around us.  The other day we will have totally different experiences during the day related Love. We will see, feel, touch, smell and hear Love according to a different belief such as “True Love is rear”. The day experiences will lead us toward events, discussions, articles, TV shows, movies, songs that goes hand in hand with the essence of that belief.
We will have a day where we “know” that “True Love is rear”.

The small “pilots” (beliefs that hold currently the steering wheel) in the comfortable cockpit will switch every once in a while, like 3 kids playing a game where only two can participate. They will hand over the steering wheel to the other belief according t the agreement that they just established. In case that a belief is getting more power or control, it will have more days with having the steering wheel, just like kids that are sometime stronger than the others and they do manipulate the situation, so they control the game controllers for a longer periods.

We do experience the idea of Love differently during different days, and we are filled with feelings regarding the vibes that we are holding at the same day. Since we are having sometime a non solid experience in a specific subject, one can assume that we do have contradictions and conflicts and “fight for control” inside the basket. Some beliefs do represent different ideas and would like to take control and lead us to the realization that “they are the only truth”.

So, they are sitting there looking all around the world and navigating our day toward pictures, articles, shows, discussions and more things that agree with what they represents. Letting us interact solely or mostly with the experiences that do agree with the “pilot in control” essence.
We will open a news paper and find an article that will reinforce us to belief that “True Love is rear”. We will get a phone call from a friend that will tell us some stories related her love life or others, based upon the idea that “True Love is rear”. We will open the TV just about a film or talk show is dealing with this subject directly or indirectly. The “Pilot” in our head is doing a great job, selling us his own truth. Make us interact with what he thinks should be our solely truth.

Letting us being amazed by the fact that what we see is probably the ultimate truth, and granting him more power and credibility to steer the wheel the following day as well. As better job he is doing during his “flight period”, the more control he will get over the others and more “flight time” he will be granted, and this is due to the fact that all that we have experienced during his “flight period” was so convincing and dazzling that we choose to deepen and embrace the beliefs that related to this subject and empower the pilot (the core belief).

In case we do like what we see related to a different subject, and we do not vary with our experiences so often, we can be assure that what we do posses in this basket is in tuned with our desires and we are not to “touch” it, for it does navigate our life toward what we are willing to see more of.

In case the experiences vary quite frequently, we should rebalance our basket, choosing a new belief to take a full control over this basket and navigate us toward what we would like to experience as our daily life.

A new belief such as “Love is healthy, easy to achieve, enjoyable and good for me”, could be implanted inside the “Love basket of ideas” and become the dominated force. We could do that by repeating some mental exercises technique in order to rearrange the basket, and decide who would navigate our lives and to which direction.
As soon as we will successfully placed the wanted “Pilot” and let him steers the steering wheel, we will see, feel, touch, smell and hear the essence of that belief all around us, and the outer pictures will reinforce the new pilot granting him more “flight time” and power.
As more we will adjust to the change, we will establish the new vibration and turn it into what we call “our new truth”. It will easily manifest and direct us toward all the events that go hand in hand with it. Life would be filled with Love that is healthy, easy to achieve and good for us, from now on it will be the our undoubtable truth.

As long as we do not pay attentions to the varies, we will ignore conflicts and fights over power in a related area of our lives. This goes for all areas and there are no exceptions. The beliefs of course can play major role and influence a few baskets, but as long as we will begin to implant, adopt, embrace life supporting beliefs we will begin to rearrange all the baskets toward whet we would call, the desired life that we would like to see during our waking hours.

What to do?
·         Look at a specific area and decide if you are satisfied with it and with the     expiriances related to it.
·         Try to decide if there are varies and you do receive different pictures related that area.
·         No varies + satisfaction = DO NOT TOUCH THIS AREA, JUST ENJOY IT.
·         Varies + more or less satisfaction = implant new beliefs that support the desirable reality.

You may find some very useful mental exercises and techniques that will guide you how to implement new beliefs in your various baskets and thus place new permanent pilot in the cockpit.

You own the plane; make sure you know who the pilot is. J

Best wishes to you all

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February 19, 2011

The right question

When you ask the wrong questions how could you possibly expect to receive the right answers?
When you do not know to how to ask the wrong questions you will succeed.

We do have so many situations in life that so many questions related to this subject or issue pop up automatically. 
We would like most of the time to become a prophet and try to anticipate the future, our future by answering the questions related to the future days.
We would like for example to try something new, let’s say becoming a freelance photographer, for we do love the profession and the art that is within finding the right moment, the exact angle and the most fascinating expression and gather them all to a never-forgotten moment on a square shaped paper hanging on the wall for all generations to enjoy and to experience partially, while passing by those perfect vertical pile of bricks painted white (wall). J

We at this moment would like to know what would be the outcome of our actions, the result of our decisions, and the influence of our new choices on our near future. We dig in deep in our mind or not so deep sometimes and suddenly we have some kind of words structured into sentences that ends up with questions mark.
Something like this: Xxxx xx xxxx xxxx xxx xxxx?

Those questions have so much power over our actions from now on, they do have the absolute ability to determine if we will go along with our new choice whether leave it alone as a wonderful unfulfilled vision, a piece of our puzzle that will ever remain in our mental domain and will not be realized as valid part of our physical flow.
At this moment we are not truly aware to the amount of power that these sentences posses, and therefore we let it appear freely and go along and interact with it willingly.
Here we should absolutely STOP and not play along until we are 100 percent sure beyond any doubt that this is the right question to have a relationship with.

When you answer a question, the answer become a valid part of the optional outcome, become ad optional reality and therefore you are NOT to answer before positively sure that this is the right question to answer too.

This question that would like to get our true attention will not let us be until we will be negotiating with it and let it unfold in our minds and get its answer, get the reply that it would like to get.

The question would like us to give it in return its will, a solid answer.
All questions would like to get an answer, for this is the nature of the questions. By getting answer the question is valid and can stay valid and exist in our mental plane, stay alive kicking and breathing.

As we are here in this world and hopefully love ourselves and would like to lead our own personality into happy moments filled with joy, bliss, success, thrill love and harmony, we must distinguish and become aware of to the questions that comes up and would like to get an answer, before actually trying to answer them.

We must answer to the write questions and we must ask the write questions.

The write answers will lead us to the future that we would love to have, where we will feel satisfied with our lifetime and with our surroundings, and therefore we must answer to the correct question.
In case we will answer to the wrong question, we will find ourselves in the absolute unwanted situation, in the reality that we did not want to call our lives.

What are the wrong questions to our dear friend that would like to become a freelance photographer and live her/his dream, would be?

Xxxx xx xxxx xxxx xxx xxxx?
What if this will not work?
What if I will fail?
What if I will be laughed at while doing this?
Will I be able to make a living doing this?
And so forth, I wouldn’t like to fill your minds with more devastating wrong questions.

What are the right questions to our dear friend that would like to become a freelance photographer and live her/his dream would be?

Xxxx xx xxxx xxxx xxxxx xxxx?
What if that will truly work?
What if I will become a successful freelance photographer?
What if it will be such a great success that I will become famous and adored freelance photographer?
What if I will be able to make a high standard living by becoming a freelance photographer?
What if I will live respectfully by having my dream job?

Those are apparently the right questions that will open the future gates for our dear friend that would truly like to enjoy her/his life and be a happy, fulfilled, satisfied, joyful person.

When you are choosing a question to deal with, approve it as the correct question and let yourself the permission to answer it, at that moment this question is taking over the control of how your life will unfold in the future, how your futures days will be experienced by you and what will you see when you will use your physical eyes in your future days.

Choose the right questions and you will answer the write answers.

When you answer, you are actually building the future blueprint of your coming days. You visualize the way you will experience and live your life; you set up the ground for your next scene in your very best production, your life.
So the process should be as follow.
Think of something, like as in our example, becoming freelance photographer.
Be aware of the questions that appear in front of you.
Decide if those are the right questions to answer.
If those are not the right questions, create the right questions (look again at the suggested right questions list).

Answer ONLY to the right questions, visualize the outcome of the answer, feel the answer in your bones and bloodstream, living in all your body cells. Feel the answer inside you exploding form joy and can’t wait to be realised and experienced by you as your true life. Let it flow all around you, inside and outside straight into the endless ends of the universe, telling everyone your new story.

“I am the world new happy, successful, joyful, satisfied, fulfilled, filled with joy, creativity and expression freelance photographer.”

Do not attempt to answer other questions, you do have your right answer and your right question
and that is it.

You do not need anything else. Stay in balance and in control. You are the only one to decide what you would like to answer and ask, yes answer and ask (and not ask and answer) for the answer is created before the question.

Ask the right questions and the right answers will become your life.

Enjoy you lives, it is a joyride to enjoy and love to be in.


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February 16, 2011

The perfect timing

So we are doing many things in our lives and we do feel most of the time responsible to our commitments. I do not see anything wrong with following some of the previous agreements whether if its work, marriage, joint projects and more. I do believe that all the time you should feel good about what you are doing and in case that you feel that you do more than you are receiving from this ancient agreement that was signed long ago, either quit or say what is on your mind.

Get the favourable balance back. Place yourself in a satisfactory agreement.

Do not ever go to sleep without saying your true feelings, your thoughts about what is going on. Get clean before going to sleep before the day ends and with no delays.

Get clean no matter how harsh it might sound at the same moment. You will wake up to a new day filled with excitement, hope, gratitude, dreams, expectations and energy, knowing that this is a new day and whatever happened yesterday, belong to yesterday.

Speak up and do not close your mouth for the sake lame excuses such as, respect, fear of letting the other down, fear of expressing your true beliefs, fear of becoming in line with the others.

You are equally worthy of saying what’s on your heart all the time in all situations. Even if the CEO of the company is saying some unacceptable things in-front of the entire hall, stand up and say what is on your heart at the very same moment with absolutely no delays and absolutely no fears.

Do not give me (or of course to yourself) that nonsense of TIMING IS EVERYTHING. It is nothing but a well wrapped excuse to suppress your true expression and not act at the moment.
And it’s valid to all aspects of life. You are to act as your have the urge to do it, when the energy within you is screaming and bagging you to do it and not a moment later.


If you are waiting for the right timing to hit on your dream girl, you are just telling yourself subconsciously that you are not ready for her and for your relationship with her yet. And she will probably get another proposal and end up between the arms of someone that doesn’t let timing to have him watch his dreams go by.

If you are waiting for the right timing to say to your boss what you truly think of her/him, you will end up accumulating so many accusations and comments regarding the way she/he is doing and managing the group, that you might end up exploding in front of her/him in an eccentric moment and let your entire suppressed burden spilled all over. That would be very hard to digest and to clean up afterwards.

So speak op and let your thoughts flow freely from your mind using your dear tongue, straight outside to the world were you know that your truths, ideas, comments, thoughts and remarks can freely be valid and part of the whole complex outside your body.

You owe yourself that freedom of expression and as well to your environment. When you do not hesitate, when you act at the moment, when you express with no delays, with no well-wrapped fancy excuses you are at the moment valid and present, you are truly here with all your true self keeping yourself and the enire world happy.

Once you have developed this “weird” tendency to pay no attention to the right timing, you will feel so free, so liberated, so real that you will feel that until now you were crawling beneath a fake hidden 2 feet ceiling, that was never there to begin with, and all this long time of crawling was on the expanse of the privilege of flying with no limitations, expressing yourself at the moment with no fake prejudiced ideas and no pre assumptions that were there only to make sure that you will ever breach that fake nonexistent ceiling.

I am giving you do green light to go back to the state of mind were you said what was on your heart at the moment and not later or ever, so grant that right and permission to yourself.
Be part of yourself that is actually actively working toward liberate itself, granting the right to breach the fake ceiling and fly all around as high as possible expressing yourself at the moment with no boundaries or limitations, and to the fullest of your capacity.

“I act at the right moment and it is now”, adopt that belief and it will lead you toward freedom, exciting life, liberated moments and true spontaneity, expression and joy.

Now is the only perfect timing.

Cheer up dear friend, life is nothing but a joyride, feel the ride, experience the thrill let yourself be you at the moment with full expression and freedom. Ater all this is what joyride is all about.


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February 11, 2011

New Heaven on Earth

So we do think that we are as we are, for we got some ideas and defined ourselves in order to have a solid place and definition. When you are 6 you already get a passport or a certain type of ID stating that you are the citizen of a certain land. But between the lines your mind reads” I am British” “I am American” “I am Swedish” etc. This is what you think and take this small part of the entire self-definition as important as it can be.

We cheer up to our national football team as if we have to fight the rest of the world with our best players and win over the rest. We identifies so much with our nationality, our religion, our skin colour, our job type and title, our status so we do think that we that person.

It is ok to enjoy the football match, to cheer up and have a team spirit, but when it become an important part of yourself identity it might built up tendency to think that “what is not the same as me is wrong”.

“If you do not think the way I think you must be wrong or stupid”. “If you do not eat the same as I do, you are doing something wrong”. “If you do not believe in the same god as me (even though there is perhaps only one god up there) you are wrong” and it won’t be long before people on this lovely planet will have a pictures in their heads showing that the rest are the enemy.

You have to be from the sae country or religion or groups in the society in order for me to even acknowledge you. You have to dress up in certain way, to eat and breath in specific ways if you would like to be part of THIS group.

Does everyone should do Yoga?
Does everyone should smoke?
Does everyone should become vegetarians/vegans?
Does everyone must become Muslim/Jewish/Christians /Hindu/Buddhist/or atheist?
Does everyone have to play football or ride bicycles?


People should be themselves in the way it suits them best in this lifetime. But they need to remember something important. Even if you are not exactly as me you are good and you deserve my trust, respect and acceptance for you came from the very same source as I have. Inside your hearth there is the original spark that let us all life. This is the spark that connect sus and will ever will. We are the same and as soon as we realize that the sooner we will create our heavenly kingdom on our little sweet beautiful planet.

When we accept the others we accept ourselves.
When we love the others, we love ourselves.
When we trust the others we trust ourselves.

By doing that, we will create a world and a life where people love, respect and trust everything and everyone that is not them. It would be easy for one to express himself more freely and with his/her highest creativity once they trust theirs human fellows and nature, accepts all that is around us and respect the rest of the world the way it is.

Once you love you child very much you would like him/her to live life on earth as if it was heaven, where all people have enough love, happiness, laughter, harmony, joy, bliss, food and shelter, and they all respect accept and love the others.  

You would like to give your child the very best gift of all, “New Heaven on Earth” and it would be better than the biblical heaven, for we will be able to eat from all the trees and become wise and be ourselves, it want have any tricky snakes and no forbidden fruits, no limitations and no guilt or no fear of getting punished by doing something wrong.

So if you have in mind the Adam and Eve story, forget about it. My definition of New Heaven on Earth is, people in great harmony living life on earth, expressing themselves and experiencing their life time with the greatest joy.

And I say it is possible to have this world where compassion, love, happiness, bliss and joy are of the greatest values.
So I suggest you teaching your child and yourself to accept, love and trust the others, as they are all the children of “God” or “All that is” or whatever name you like to relate to the one that probably has no name to begin with.

Once they will realize that and live according to those truths, they will send their true acceptance, love and trust and this is what they will get in return. They will circulate those vibes between themselves and the rest of the world inhabitants.

They will be the true creators of the NEW HEAVEN ON EARTH and we will be able to rest in peace knowing that our children are safe and happy after we are all gone.

Great weekend to you all

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February 7, 2011

Forget and remember

Complements will nurture & criticism will block the uniqueness.

As we know we do have on our planet an astronomical number of inhabitants, human inhabitants and I will not count aliens and other species JJJ
Each one of us has opinions and way to look at things and become the “true owner” of a specific 

We believe that what we believe is the absolute truth and because of that, sometime we try our best, unintentionally to project our opinion and our beliefs on the others. We do that sometime without even been aware of that, for we have a natural instinct to make sure that the rest of the world is behaving according to the way we think they should.

We would like that other people do the same sport as we do, love the same food, read the same books, think about life and death as we think the things are and so forth. We do try to gently force our opinion on others and make them look and behave as we are, for we might forget that the others could have other interests and other ways of looking and interpreting life.

Some do that for they have lack of self esteem, and they need everyone to do the same and by that confirming that those actions and way of thinking are OK and acceptable.
And so when we are doing something, reading a book, writing a poem, playing the guitar, running, cooking, painting, there might be people around us that would like to give us their opinion about how to “improve” our newly creation or activity.
I am sorry, did I write “give us”....I meant plant within our brain cells “their truth”, “their way”, “the ultimate method” of how we should do what we did even better.

Why should we do it better I am asking? Aren’t we entitled to do our things the way we do and know, and might progress along the way differently? Aren’t we entitled to express our creativity the way it is right now?

We do not tell a small baby to shut up until he knows the entire language and can speak fluently.
We let him/her express him/herself at the level that he/she knows at this moment. If we will tell him/her that it is wrong all the time, he/she will grow up into a person that would never dare doing anything in his/her life for the fear of doing it wrong.

And I say. All that we do right now is good and it is right for this moment.

A three year old child drawing some lines of a white paper and we hang it as if it was a painting by Picasso. We do not tell them to stop painting until they can have him own exhibition at the museum.
So we do meet people with very intruding criticism and their on way to project upon us their supreme ultimate way, I would say, forget it. Do not be influenced by it. Keep on progressing the way you are. Find the answers yourself most of the time. Find and develop your own style, live your progress, be in the journey. See the way as if you were in an elevator made of glass and looked the entire way up to the 100th floor.

Do remember the complements that you are receiving. They will support the trust in your abilities, senses, creativity, expression, uniqueness and life itself.
I am not suggesting to drop any help from anyone, but digging inside and solving the “problem” ourselves will teach us that we CAN solve it, that we do have hidden talents and abilities, that we can stand on our own and MAKE IT wherever we go.

Let your child to develop him/herself, become a dear loving observer and see the progress, do not use “not like this” or “not like that” so often. Let them approach you when they need your opinion, when they seek some inspiration that will lift their abilities even higher. Let them know that you are here for them whenever they need you and that you do trust them and know that they can do and accomplish anything using nothing but their own abilities.

By doing that you will help us having new generation in this world that love and trust himself, love his parents for letting him experiment and showed him nothing but trust and love. And perhaps this is all what we all need.

The great creativity, expression, beauty, love, trust and harmony is within us from the very first breath, there is no need to be shaped by others, we already know who we are before our time here begun, we just here to live this path and enjoy this journey.

Forget any criticism that you receive, and remember all the complements.
Forget and remember you will do just fine.


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